Indicators for landside accessibility of mainports (English summary)

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis has developed an indicator for measuring the quality of accessibility of 'mainports' such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam. At issue are passenger and freight transport between the mainports and the hinterland. The indicator reveals the state of the mainport's landside accessibility. The indicator also allows for comparisons to be made between the accessibility of the Dutch mainports and that of competitor airports and sea ports in other countries.

This report is available in Dutch.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment commissioned KiM to develop this indicator, which is based on generalized transport costs in the broadest sense. Consequently, journey times, reliability of journey times, transport fees and passenger comfort were all taken into account. The quality of accessibility is indicated in colours on a map of the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The map clearly shows those areas where competition with other airports and sea ports is the fiercest, for mutual air-travel destinations for airports, and the mutual offering of seaside destinations in the case of sea ports.