Steps towards regional agendas (English summary)

In a regional agenda the strategic objectives are the pivotal link between ambitions and measures/projects. In an adaptive approach to regional agendas, uncertainties and opportunities are explicitly included in the agreements on ambitions and strategic objectives. Decisions can then be made to carry out measures/projects or not. However, it can also be decided that the need for measures/projects will be reviewed if developments of a certain type and scale occur. This review is based on the knowledge of uncertainties and opportunities included in the strategic objectives.

This report is available in Dutch.

This is the essence of the step-by-step plan for an adaptive approach to regional agendas developed by the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) for the Directorate-General for Spatial Development and Water Affairs of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The regional agendas are prepared by central government and the regions under the Multi-annual Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Development and Transport (MIRT). An adaptive approach will allow plans in the regional agendas to be more flexible and responsive to new opportunities and developments.