Mobile with mobile phones (English summary)

Applications (apps) are adopted when they offer effectiveness (the product is useful, the user gains something), ease of use (the app is easy to use, the use is self-explanatory), and engagement (a nice design, opportunities for fun and games).

This report is available in Dutch

These are the findings of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis’ research study, ‘Mobile with mobile phones’ (Mobiel met mobieltjes). KiM developed a structured framework to describe a number of mobility apps, which included studying the ways in which the expected behavioural responses can potentially contribute to the policy objectives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment’s ‘Optimising Use’ (Beter Benutten) programme. By detailing the various aspects, it is possible to estimate whether people will use a certain app and, consequently, possibly modify their mobility behaviour. Such behavioural modifications can potentially benefit policy.