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  1. Summary Mobility Report 2023

    Residents of the Netherlands travelled more in the Netherlands in 2022 compared to 2021, but less than before the corona pandemic ...

    Publication | 30-11-2023

  2. Presentations 5th MPN symposium

    On Wednesday September 13th 2023, we organized the 5th edition of the MPN symposium, this time in hybrid form, both online and ...

    Presentation | 16-11-2023

  3. What happened to public transport passengers?

    The use of public transport (pt) has changed more than the use of other modes of transport since the COVID-19 pandemic. Although ...

    Brochure | 02-11-2023 | Mathijs de Haas

  4. Used vehicles and CO2 emissions

    In 2020, around 335,000 used cars and other light duty vehicles were exported from Europe to Africa. Exported second-hand cars ...

    Publication | 26-10-2023 | Marlinde Knoope, Maurits Terwindt

  5. Reduced accessibility: personal experiences with accessibility problems

    People experience various difficulties in reaching work and facilities or visiting family and friends. Not only travel time and ...

    Brochure | 07-08-2023 | Lizet Krabbenborg, Gabrielle Uitbeijerse

  6. Climate awareness and air travel intention

    Brochure on KiM research 'Climate awareness and air travel intention'. 

    Brochure | 18-07-2023 | Toon Zijlstra, Gabrielle Uitbeijerse

  7. The market for used electric passenger cars

    Brochure on KiM research 'The market for used electric passenger cars'. 

    Brochure | 18-07-2023 | Maurits Terwindt, Gabrielle Uitbeijerse, Roel Faber

  8. Multicultural diversity in mobility

    People with a migration background are less mobile than those without a migration background. They stay at home more often for a ...

    Publication | 13-06-2023 | Anne Durand, Amelia Huang, Toon Zijlstra, Maria Alonso González

  9. Change to the external costs and infrastructure costs of goods transport due to the modal shift

    On international goods transport corridors to and from the Netherlands, some of the goods currently transported by road, could be ...

    Brochure | 22-05-2023 | Olaf Jonkeren

  10. Use and perceived effects of digital travel information for car and public transport travel

    Many travellers experience the benefits of personal digital travel information via for example smartphones when travelling by car ...

    Brochure | 02-05-2023 | Anne Durand, Marije Hamersma, Sytze Rienstra