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  1. Geographical distances between separated parents: A longitudinal analysis

    Many Western societies have witnessed long-term trends of increased separation and divorce, increased fathers’ involvement in ...

    Presentation | 10-04-2018

  2. Latent classes of daily mobility patterns: The relationship with attitudes towards modes

    In the past decade, public interest into active modes (i.e. walking and cycling) has increased significantly. Consequently, ...

    Presentation | 10-04-2018

  3. Introduction MPN Symposium 2018

    Introduction to the MPN symposium 2018.

    Presentation | 10-04-2018 | Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Krisje Wijgergangs, Mathijs de Haas

  4. Is active travel a stable physical activity behaviour? Evidence from the German Mobility Panel

    Walking and cycling—active travel—can help adults achieve the World Health Organization’s recommended 150+ minutes of ...

    Presentation | 10-04-2018

  5. User characteristics and trip patterns of e-bike use in the Netherlands

    The sale of electrically assisted bicycles (e-bikes or pedelecs) is growing at a rapid rate across Europe. Within Europe, the ...

    Presentation | 10-04-2018

  6. Dynamics in travel behaviour: who changes mode, why and when? A longitudinal analysis of mode choice behaviour in the Netherlands

    Due to burgeoning economy, by 2022 traffic congestion is expected to have increased by 9 percent and travel delays by 28 percent, ...

    Publication | 10-04-2018

  7. Surveys with smartphone, laptop or tablet: mixed devices and mode effects in the MPN

    Web-based surveys are nowadays by definition mixed-mode surveys: respondents use various devices to administer the online survey. ...

    Presentation | 10-04-2018 | Toon Zijlstra

  8. Cycling Facts

    The use of bicycles and e-bikes is growing; however, large spatial and social differences can be observed in the trends. This is ...

    Publication | 06-04-2018 | Lucas Harms, Maarten Kansen

  9. Stormy seas ahead? Potential impact of Brexit on the Dutch maritime sector (English summary)

    The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis conducted research into the potential impact of Brexit on the Dutch ...

    Document (research publication) | 08-02-2018

  10. Innovations in Mobility

    Presentation | 23-01-2018