Ann Verhetsel

Ann Verhetsel

Works at
University of Antwerp

A brief introduction to ...

Scientific challenges for KiM

Disruptive social and technological innovations must be implemented with social inclusion and ecological objectives in mind. Their impact on passenger and freight transport must be assessed as accurately as possible for various target groups. This will be a methodological challenge because classical extrapolations and scenario approaches are not suitable for this purpose.

Research to be proud of

For an overview of my publications and completed research I refer to my academic bibliography.

The spatial analysis of detailed geographical data with new methods is a constant. Research into commuting in relation to urbanisation processes, repeatedly leads to questions for policy advice on accessibility and spatial planning and mobility management. My research into the location of the logistics sector and the (hidden) geography of e-commerce is also original and raises questions from the market. My research on maritime world cities is a maverick that often arouses emotions in the (hard) port world

Affinity with KiM knowledge lines

My research mainly connects to knowledge line A (Mobility and accessibility) and knowledge line B (Sustainability and areas), not only for passenger transport but also for goods flows. And more generally in all research where spatial analysis methods are important.

Position and core scientific research

My research is situated in the interaction field of geography, spatial planning and economics. Mobility and urbanisation processes, location of real estate markets (mainly retail and logistics sector), but also the design of strategic urban projects and the analysis of regional economic processes (smart specialization), take a large part of my research time.

Scientific background

I am a Full Professor at the University of Antwerp and chair of the Department of Transport and Regional Economics. My study career started as a Geography student at the KULeuven where I also obtained my PhD, I also followed a master's degree in Spatial Planning and Urban Planning, a master's degree in Educational Sciences and finally an executive master's degree in Business Economics. I am a promoter of projects at EU, Belgian, Flemish, provincial and local level, both for governments and businesses. I am currently chair of the VRP, the Association for Spatial Planning, which supports more than 1.000 active spatial planners in Flanders and Brussels. I am also a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences (Humanities Class) and the National Geography Committee of the same Academy.