About KiM

The Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) develops and disseminates the knowledge the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management needs to carry out its tasks in the field of mobility and accessibility. We also make this knowledge freely available to other interested  parties, such as regional governmental institutions.

Public documents

We disseminate our knowledge by publishing our research reports in the public domain of our website. In addition to our own research, we provide knowledge for the policymaking processes within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management ('knowledge at the table'). And we draw the attention of the ministry to topics arising from current developments in policy, science and society.

For all forms of mobility

We do this for all forms of mobility: passenger and freight transport by road, public transport, civil aviation and transport by water. We also investigate subjects related to mobility, such as sustainability, safety and the relationship between the public and private sectors.

From multiple perspectives

We address topics from different angles and from different disciplines. Our researchers have a range of academic backgrounds, including traffic engineering, economics, social geography, regional planning, sociology, mathematics, psychology and public administration. We ensure that the ministry is able to develop policy with a sound knowledge base.