Independence and scientific integrity

The independence of knowledge institutions is regularly the subject of societal and political discussion. KiM also has to deal with this. In this document (in Dutch language), we describe how KiM guarantees independence.

Scientific integrity

Everyone involved in KiM research has their own responsibility for conducting and communicating about research with scientific integrity. If it is believed that scientific integrity has been violated, a complaint can be submitted to a confidential counselor appointed for this purpose. KiM ensures a careful and fair procedure for handling complaints and subsequent decision-making. To this end, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has established a procedure for complaints (in Dutch language). Part of the procedure is that everyone has the right to consult the confidential counselor in the event of a suspected violation of scientific integrity. Everyone also has the right to file a complaint with the confidential counselor about a suspected violation of scientific integrity. KiM's counselor for scientific integrity is Dr. EC (Erik) Schmieman, If the complaint is not handled satisfactorily, the complaint can be submitted to the LOWI (Landelijk Orgaan Wetenschappelijke Integriteit).