How we work

KiM does independent research, provides knowledge inputs to policy processes at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and draws the ministry’s attention to emerging policy, social and scientific issues.


KiM carries out independent research projects. We describe trends and new developments in mobility (including those affecting different groups), explain past developments, make forecasts, build scenarios, and do ex ante and ex post analyses of the effects of policy instruments. We collect and manage data and participate in the development of models.

All our research projects are published in the public domain. Publication occurs within 28 days of completion of the research. We may make an occasional exception, for example if the research is connected  of a major new policy document. In that case the relevant research reports are published simultaneously with the policy document.

Knowledge at the Table

Our knowledge-at-the-table products ensure that our knowledge is used during the policy process. We make this knowledge available in the following ways:

  • We hold discussions, give presentations and write short memoranda on the available knowledge and empirical evidence.
  • We give answers to urgent questions.
  • We make the national and international knowledge network accessible to the ministry by indicating what knowledge can be obtained from which sources.
  • We help the policy directorates to formulate effective research questions.
  • We advise the policy directorates on where and how to outsource research projects.
  • We supervise research outsourced by the ministry by joining the steering committees for those research projects.
  • We advise on the research programmes of institutes outside the ministry.


We notify policymakers of emerging policy and scientific issues and reports by third parties. This may be in the form of a memorandum, telephone call, meeting or presentation.

Close to the policy process

KiM is independent. That means that we alone are responsible for the products we deliver. There is no political or policy interference in the preparation of our products. We do, however, carry out our work in coordination with the ministry's policy departments in order to stay connected to the policy question. In other words, we operate independently but close to the policy process.