Bert van Wee

Bert van Wee

Works at
Delft University of Technology

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Scientific challenges for KiM

I believe the greatest challenge centres around the question of how we can keep the Netherlands mobile and accessible while substantially reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use.

Research to be proud of

Several recent studies focusing on the importance of self-selection. For a comprehensive discussion oft his phenomenon, see Van Wee, B. (2009), Self-Selection:A Key to a Better Understanding of Location Choices, Travel Behaviour and Transport Externalities? Transport Reviews 29 (3), pp. 279-292.

Affinity with KiM core research themes

I have a particular affinity with three core research themes: 'Mobility,accessibility and spatial planning', ' Policy evaluations and assessment frameworks', and 'Sustainable mobility, safety and transition'.

Current position and core scientific research

My chair is related to transport policy. Our research primarily focuses on long-termdevelopments in the traffic and transportsystem and the effects on accessibility, safety and the environment, as well as the impact that policy has on that system and the effects.

Scientific background

I studied social geography at Utrecht University and received my PhD from the University of Amsterdam (economics and econometrics). I worked at AGV, a private consulting company in traffic and transport, from1983 to 1990, and subsequently, until 2003, at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), where I held various coordinatingpositions related to traffic and transport. From 1999 to 2003 I was endowed Professor of Transport, the Environmentand Land Use at Utrecht University. Since 2003 I am Professor of Transport Policy, and head of the Transport and Logistics section, at Delft University of Technology.