Second opinion on the medium-term costs and benefits of OV SAAL public transport (Dutch)

As in the earlier second opinion on the Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA) High Frequency Railway Transport Programme, KiM estimates that the transport investment value is 15% lower than presently indicated in the updated SCBA for medium-term investments in the Schiphol – Amsterdam - Almere – Lelystad railway corridor (OV SAAL mlt). This is due to the fact that previously published remarks were not taken into account. Consequently, capacity bottlenecks in 2020 will be smaller than currently envisioned. 

This report is available in Dutch.

Additionally, the journey time differences between the variants cannot be satisfactorily explained, and the system's practicability and reliability effects, in which trains are allowed to depart stations at shorter intervals and travel closer together on the railway lines, remains uncertain. Further, the updated SCBA's most important effects are satisfactorily mapped in conformance with OEI (Overview Effects Infrastructure)-guidelines.
These are the key conclusions of KiM's second opinion on the updated SCBA for OV SAAL mtl, conducted at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This SCBA is an update of an earlier SCBA that served as decisive information for the preliminary decision on PHS.