Accessibility and competitiveness (English summary)

Improvements in accessibility can contribute to the competitiveness of a region or country, because improvements in travel times and reliability have a direct effect on the productivity of companies. Under certain circumstances, a limited additional competitiveness effect can occur as a result of the operations of freight and service sector markets and the labour market, and due to agglomeration effects.

This report is available in Dutch.

These are the findings of the report, ‘Accessibility and Competitiveness: two sides of the same coin’, (Bereikbaarheid en concurrentiekracht) by the KiM Netherlands Institute of Transport Policy Analysis. In addition to an analysis of the available literature pertaining to the relationship between accessibility and competitiveness, the report includes a decision tree and checklist, in which, in a number of practical steps, the effect of accessibility improvements on competiveness can be interpreted during the stage when potential solutions are being explored.