Inland waterways and container logistics (English summary)

Inland waterway container ships frequently face congestion and delays at the Port of Rotterdam's container terminals. One possible solution for overcoming these delays is the implementation of a terminal booking system; such systems have been successfully employed in other countries, albeit in the road transport sector. Collaborating with the Port of Antwerp to find solutions to congestion delays seems promising, as this port is facing the same problems, and considering the same types of solutions, as Rotterdam. It is however vital to first create support for such measures among the relevant parties.

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These are some of the findings of research conducted by KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis at the request of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

The KiM's research included analysis of seven foreign ports experiencing comparable problems. Additionally, the KiM analysed previous initiatives undertaken in the Netherlands, identifying and cataloguing the various solutions found for congestion problems in other transport sectors, but which could also be applied to inland waterway container shipping.