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E-bike user groups and substitution effects: evidence from longitudinal travel data in the Netherlands

In recent years, the e-bike has become increasingly popular in many European countries. With higher speeds and less effort ...

Paper | 12-05-2021

The relationship between health and active travel

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis studied how cycling and walking influence health and vice versa. The ...

Document (research publication) | 30-03-2021 | Mathijs de Haas

Rules for use of MPN as of 2019

Form | 01-02-2021

Work Programme 2021

This list includes all projects of the 2021 Work Programme of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis. Please ...

Work Programme | 25-01-2021

Cycling facts: new insights

E-bike use increased sharply, especially among people under the age of 65. In 2019 e-bikes account for approximately 18% of all ...

Brochure | 03-11-2020 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma

Looking back at the 4th MPN Symposium

On Thursday September 24th, we organized the 4th edition of the MPN symposium, this time online. We look back on an interesting ...

Presentation | 28-09-2020

New insights in our daily mobility

Video | 15-09-2020

Program online Netherlands Mobility Panel symposium 2020

On September 24th 2020 in the afternoon, The Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) will organize the fourth ...

Form | 01-09-2020

New insights into mobility and the coronavirus crisis

Summary of the study 'New insights into mobility and the coronavirus crisis' by the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy ...

Publication | 05-08-2020 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma, Roel Faber

The impact of digitalisation on the access to transport services: a literature review

The shift towards digital media in transport services (such as public transport and car sharing) is bringing new challenges. Not ...

Document (research publication) | 29-06-2020 | Anne Durand, Toon Zijlstra