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Factsheet: E-bike use and the effects on other transport modes

E-bike use has increased sharply in the Netherlands in recent years. Moreover, a shift in e-bike use is apparent: the proportion ...

Publication | 20-01-2020 | Mathijs de Haas

Work Programme 2020

This list includes all projects of the 2020 Work Programme of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis. Please ...

Work Programme | 09-01-2020

The bicycle‑train travellers in the Netherlands: personal profiles and travel choices

The Netherlands seems to exhibit the unique conditions that allow cycling on the country level instead of only the city level. ...

Publication | 05-11-2019 | Olaf Jonkeren, Ronald Kager (Studio Bereikbaar), Lucas Harms, Marco te Brömmelstroet (UvA)

Walking facts

Dutch people are walking more frequently and longer distances Between 2010 and 2017, walking increased by 4.1% among Dutch ...

Publication | 03-10-2019 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma

Promising groups for Mobility-as-a-Service in the Netherlands

The early adopters of the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform in the Netherlands will be people with hypermobile lifestyles. ...

Document (research publication) | 15-08-2019 | Toon Zijlstra, Anne Durand, Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Lucas Harms

Work Programme 2019

This list includes all projects of the 2019 Work Programme of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis. Please ...

Work Programme | 18-02-2019

Key transport figures 2018

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis annually publishes the latest figures for the Dutch transport sector. ...

Document (research publication) | 11-01-2019

Emperical estimation of effects of flexible working on mobility and congestion in the Netherlands 2000-2016

Flexible working, enhanced by information and communication technologies, seems relevant for transport policy, but information ...

Paper | 14-11-2018

Exploring Mobility-as-a-Service: insights from literature and focus group meetings

Are people willing to accept MaaS as a new transport service (on a daily basis)? The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport ...

Brochure | 14-11-2018 | Lucas Harms, Anne Durand, Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Toon Zijlstra

Conceptual frameword for impact assessment of disctance-based road pricing for heavy goods vehicles

What are the potential effects of distance-based heavy good vehicle road pricing? In the latest Dutch cabinet coalition agreement ...

Paper | 08-11-2018 | Jan Francke, Taede Tillema