New values of travel time, reliability and comfort in the Netherlands

To make it possible to express changes in travel times, reliability and comfort in monetary terms, it is necessary to have access to appraisal values. This study presents those new values. The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis concludes that most values of travel time for both passenger and freight transportation modes have decreased compared to the previous values with base year 2010. This means that people and freight transporters want to spend less on average for an hour travel time savings. 

In this study, for the first time, national values of travel time have been laid down for walking and cycling. The value of travel time for transport to and from airports for travel by aircraft have also been determined for the first time, and a value for changes to the level of comfort due to high passenger volumes in public transport is new. These additions make it possible to express more effects of mobility policy in monetary terms, in societal cost-benefit analyses. 

The summary contains the key results. For a detailed description of the method and overviews of all results, we refer to the background report prepared by Significance.