Sustainability in traffic and transport cost-benefit analyses (Dutch)

Sustainability is a fitting subject for Social Cost-Benefit Analyses (SCBA) of infrastructure projects, if the definition of sustainably is assumed to encompass the wider social welfare concept. This is one of the conclusions of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis’ exploratory study, ‘Sustainability in traffic and transport cost-benefit analyses’.

This report is available in Dutch

This definition of sustainability means that not only are climate, environment and safety examined, but also financial and economic aspects. In practice, many indicators are used ‘to measure’ sustainability, and all these indicators are found in the SCBA, explicitly (for example emissions and traffic safety) or implicitly via the journey time gains (for example creating access to facilities and regions), as expressed in monetary terms. This exploratory study aims to provide answers to the questions posed by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management’s sustainability coordinator, who requested that KiM draft an exploratory study based on the question of to what extent infrastructure project SCBAs correspond to the concept of sustainability