Validation of floating car data for transport policy analysis and transport models

Floating Car Data (FCD) has been available for policy research in the Netherlands since 2010, as provided by various suppliers (Here, TomTom, INRIX, BeMobile, Vodafone/Mezuro). These data pertain to in-car navigation systems, mobile phones, smartphone travel apps, fleet management systems (management of car fleets), and ‘connected cars’.

The percentage of vehicles whose driving speed is derived using these mobile data is increasing. Presently, suppliers indicate they measure approximately 5% of all vehicle movements via mobile data, and this percentage is rising alongside the increased application of floating car systems.

This paper describes the extent to which floating car data is available for policy research focusing on accessibility by car. However, the use of mobile data for current traffic information, traffic management and automated vehicle control is beyond the scope of this study.

Han van der Loop, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis
Marco Kouwenhoven, Significance
Peter van Bekkum, MuConsult