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Values of time and reliability in passenger and freight transport in The Netherlands (English)

Document (research publication) | 18-11-2013

The social value of shorter and more reliable travel times (English)

For motorists, the value of travel time savings in monetary terms has decreased in recent years. This development has not ...

Document (research publication) | 18-11-2013 | Pim Warffemius

Mobility Report 2013 (English summary)

From 2008 to 2012, journey time loss due to traffic jams and congestion on the main road network decreased by 32 percent, which ...

Document (research publication) | 29-10-2013

Policy Options for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Road Transport (English summary)

Policies to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport considerably over the next few decades must pursue two complementary ...

Document (research publication) | 15-10-2013 | Saeda Moorman, Pieter Wouters, Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser

Differential analysis of indirect economic effects HSL-Zuid (English summary)

There is a limited difference in the indirect economic effects between the previously agreed offer for train services on the High ...

Document (research publication) | 27-09-2013 | Peter Jorritsma, Joost Kolkman, Taede Tillema

Measuring generalised transport costs as an indicator of accessibility changes over time

Accessibility in transport policy documents is usually measured through partial indicators such as road speeds, traffic queues or ...

Paper | 01-09-2013

The Netherlands Mobility Panel

Video | 13-08-2013

New values of time and reliability for project assessment of airport infrastructure

Presentation GARS/IATA workshop, Amsterdam, 20 juni 2013

Presentation | 20-06-2013 | Jaap de Wit, Pim Warffemius

Quick scan sustainable aviation 2050 (English summary)

The international ambition to render aviation more sustainable requires the deployment of additional reduction options with ...

Document (research publication) | 08-06-2013 | Joost Kolkman, Saeda Moorman, Maarten Kansen

2013 KiM Work Programme English)

Work Programme | 14-03-2013