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Mobility choices? Nothing is as it seems!

On Tuesday, 27 September 2011, KiM hosted its annual symposium for policymakers involved traffic and transport issues. The ...

Brochure | 08-12-2011

Focus on personal mobility (Dutch)

Various important societal trends, including aging, immigration, individualization and re-urbanization, influence the mobility of ...

Document (research publication) | 08-12-2011 | Lucas Harms, Peter Jorritsma, Arjen ’t Hoen, Odette van de Riet

Intermodality: successes by integrating public transport modes and cycling

To reduce the increase of car use several policy instruments are planned by the Dutch Government. Increasing the costs of car use ...

Paper | 01-12-2011 | Han van der Loop

Towards sustainable road transport in 2050 (English summary)

Emissions of CO2 and air pollutants from road transport can be considerably reduced by 2050 using known technologies, while at ...

Document (research publication) | 01-11-2011 | Saeda Moorman, Maarten Kansen

Mobility report 2011 (English summary)

Following strong growth in the 1980s and 1990s, the total amount of national mobility among Dutch people has not increased since ...

Document (research publication) | 28-10-2011

Indicators for landside accessibility of mainports (English summary)

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis has developed an indicator for measuring the quality of accessibility ...

Document (research publication) | 28-07-2011 | Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar, Hugo Gordijn, Jan Francke, Johan Visser

Behaviour in policy (English summary)

People do not only base their choices for using certain transport modes on rational grounds, such as time and money. In practice, ...

Document (research publication) | 21-07-2011 | Jaco Berveling, Harry Derriks, Odette van de Riet, Rutger Smit, Martje Storm

Second opinion on the costs and benefits of the Uithof Line (Dutch)

In the SCBA, the calculations for passenger volumes and order of magnitude of most effects for the HOV Utrecht Central – Uithof ...

Memorandum | 22-06-2011 | Sytze Rienstra

Better utilisation: overview of accessibility measures (English summary)

Traffic congestion on the main road network could be reduced if technical measures, such as ramp metering or information panels, ...

Document (research publication) | 14-06-2011 | Fons Savelberg, Jaap Anne Korteweg

Second opinion on the medium-term costs and benefits of OV SAAL public transport (Dutch)

As in the earlier second opinion on the Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA) High Frequency Railway Transport Programme, KiM ...

Document (research publication) | 07-06-2011 | Peter Bakker, Sytze Rienstra