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Traffic and transport risks: the citizens' perceptions (English summary)

Citizens assess the risks associated with various transport modes differently than the actual risk. Various subjective factors ...

Document (research publication) | 08-02-2011 | Harry Derriks

2011 Work Programme (English)

Work Programme | 01-02-2011

With current hindsight; learning from evaluation (Dutch)

Infrastructure projects usually cost many millions of euros. Consequently, to arrive at the correct decisions, comprehensive ...

Document (research publication) | 30-12-2010 | Hans Nijland (PBL), Danielle Snellen (PBL), Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar, Jaap Anne Korteweg

Utility and neccessity: assessing costs and benefits (English summary)

Unlike previously, the CBA is not conducted twice – in the assessment stage and in the planning study – but rather once, at the ...

Document (research publication) | 16-12-2010 | Johan Visser, Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar

Railway reliability and robustness (English summary)

Railway reliability encompasses much more than simply whether trains arrive too late at their destinations. At issue are also the ...

Document (research publication) | 30-11-2010 | Fons Savelberg, Peter Bakker

Taxes and fees in the aviation sector (English summary)

Increasing aviation taxes remains an ongoing issue in national and international political debate. The KiM Netherlands Institute ...

Document (research publication) | 18-11-2010 | Joost Kolkman

Mobility and Accessibility Outlook 2011-2015 (English summary)

Following a decrease in mobility levels due to the effects of the economic crisis, traffic volumes are again expected to increase ...

Document (research publication) | 26-10-2010 | Jan Francke, Harry Derriks, Hugo Gordijn, Wim Groot, Fons Savelberg

Mobility report 2010 (English summary)

Owing to the economic crisis, car drivers experienced 10 percent less delays caused by traffic jams and traffic congestion in ...

Document (research publication) | 26-10-2010

Calculating with policy (English summary)

Current traffic models are unnecessarily complex, labour-intensive and insufficiently transparent. In order to better serve the ...

Document (research publication) | 08-10-2010 | Merijn Martens, Jaco Berveling, Jan Francke, Mig de Jong

Hinterland congestion and the role of waterway transport for seaport Rotterdam (English summary)

Container transfers in the Port of Rotterdam are expected to experience strong growth until 2040. In order achieve more efficient ...

Document (research publication) | 30-09-2010 | Pim Warffemius, Peter Bakker