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Second opinion costs and benefits analysis MIRT Haaglanden (Dutch)

This report is available in Dutch. The order of magnitude for the costs and benefits of the MIRT Verkenning Haaglanden project ...

Document (research publication) | 23-05-2012 | Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar

Explaining journey time loss and reliability on the main road network from 2000 to 2010. Empirical study of reliability aspects (English summary)

From 2000 to 2010, time loss due to traffic jams and delays on the main road network increased by 49 percent. The primary reasons ...

Document (research publication) | 07-05-2012 | Han van der Loop

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Integrated Area Development Assessments (English summary)

The method used by the government to identify the social effects of transport infrastructure is set out in the ‘OEI guidance ...

Document (research publication) | 26-03-2012 | Peter Bakker

Civil aviation in the EU emissions trading scheme. Effects on the aviation sector, consumers and the environment (English)

The inclusion of aviation in the European CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme on 1 January 2012 can cost European airlines 0.2% of their ...

Document (research publication) | 14-03-2012 | Joost Kolkman, Saeda Moorman, Jaap de Wit

2012 Work Programme

This is the 2012 Work Programme of the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM). It is intended for the staff of ...

Work Programme | 01-02-2012

Evaluation of memorandum Sea Ports: anchors of the economy (English summary)

The policy actions issuing from the memorandum Sea Ports: anchors of the economy were carried out as agreed  In principle the ...

Document (research publication) | 26-01-2012 | Maarten Kansen, Johan Visser

Regarding fuel prices and automobility: a brief analysis of price and cost elasticities (English summary).

Car drivers do not drive significantly less when fuel prices at the pump rise. If fuel prices increase by approximately 12.5 ...

Document (research publication) | 04-01-2012 | Wim Groot

The role of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in innovation in the maritime sector (English summary)

Little innovation occurs in the maritime transport sector. This is due to the fact that the sector's innovation system does not ...

Document (research publication) | 20-12-2011 | Maarten Kansen, Pieter Wouters, Joost Kolkman

Mobility choices? Nothing is as it seems!

On Tuesday, 27 September 2011, KiM hosted its annual symposium for policymakers involved traffic and transport issues. The ...

Brochure | 08-12-2011

Focus on personal mobility (Dutch)

Various important societal trends, including aging, immigration, individualization and re-urbanization, influence the mobility of ...

Document (research publication) | 08-12-2011 | Lucas Harms, Peter Jorritsma, Arjen ’t Hoen, Odette van de Riet