Cycling and walking: the grease in our mobility chain (English)

Cycling and walking play a key role in the Netherlands’ mobility system: half of all trips, a tenth of all the kilometres travelled, and one-third of the time we spend travelling involve cycling or walking.

Since 2004, Dutch people cycle (+9%) and walk (+13%) more frequently and over longer distances. The use of e-bikes in particular is increasing, as they are no longer solely used by recreational senior citizens. The spatial differentiation in bicycle use and of walking has increased in recent years: bicycle use has particularly increased in urban areas.

These are some of the findings of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis’ publication, ‘Cycling and walking: the grease in our mobility chain’. This research study mapped the ways in which cycling and walking are intertwined in the mobility system, particularity in urban areas, and what the resulting effects are. The research is based on literature studies and the analysis of various mobility-related data sets. The report’s key findings are summarized in a separate infographic available for download.

Infographic bicycles are rapidly taking the lead
Infographic Bicycles are rapidly taking the lead