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Presentation JTRC

Presentation | 14-10-2015

Driver at the wheel? (English)

Self-driving cars can change our society radically. Whether that happens depends on how much the car can actually do itself, but ...

Document (research publication) | 14-10-2015 | Taede Tillema, Jaco Berveling, George Gelauff, Jan van der Waard, Lucas Harms, Harry Derriks

New findings in The Netherlands about induced demand and the benefits of new road infrastructure

Paper presented at European Transport Conference 2015

Paper | 28-09-2015

The Netherlands Mobility Panel : the first results

Video | 15-09-2015

Leisure mobility in the internet age

Presented at the 14th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, London, 2015.

Presentation | 21-07-2015 | Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, George Gelauff, Eline Scheepers, Nina Schaap

Trends in bicycle use in the Netherlands

Presented at 'Unravelling Urban Pedestrian & Cycle flows' in Amsterdam

Presentation | 16-07-2015

Clearing the air (English summary)

The Netherlands is compliant with almost all the current emission ceilings and limit values for air pollutants, but this does not ...

Document (research publication) | 15-07-2015 | Saeda Moorman

Towards sustainable sea and inland waterway shipping by 2050 (English summary)

Operational measures and the application of existing technologies can drastically reduce the CO2, SO2, NOx and PM10 emitted by ...

Document (research publication) | 06-07-2015 | Maarten Kansen, Johan Visser

Determinants of propensity to fly (English)

Flying has become a common form of travel. The main reasons not to fly are fear of flying and the cost of flying. Youngsters fly ...

Document (research publication) | 25-06-2015 | Hugo Gordijn

Exploring the impact of household interactions on car use for home-based tours. A multilevel analysis of dynamics in travel mode choice in the Netherlands.

Presented at the XIII NECTAR International Conference, 14-16 June, Ann Arbor, USA.

Presentation | 14-06-2015