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Understanding eshopping:analysis of ICT relation with shopping and shopping mobility behaviour

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Olga Huijbregtse (KiM) and Pablo Nicolás Marmisa (TU Delft)

Presentation | 12-09-2016

MEILI a small step towards automation of activity travel diary collection in Stockholm

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Yusak O. Susilo, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Measurement of non-random attrition effects on mobility rates using trip diaries data

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Lissy La Paix, University of Twente

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Mode choice changes and gendered key events

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Joachim Scheiner

Presentation | 12-09-2016

The influence of life events on transitions between travel patterns

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Mathijs de Haas

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Panel attrition: earlier Dutch experiences with relevance for current practice

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Henk Meurs, Radboud University Nijmegen - MuConsult

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Estimating the nonresponse bias through Modeling of Nonresponse behavior for the MPN

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Raymond Hoogendoorn, Eline Scheepers, Olga Huibregtse en Sascha Hoogendoorn - Lanser

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Effects of a mixed-mode design in the German mobility panel

Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Christine Weiss and Bastian Chlond

Presentation | 12-09-2016

Invitation and programme 2nd Netherlands Mobility Panel Symposium

Invitation and programme of the second Netherlands Mobility Panel symposium.

Paper | 17-08-2016 | Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Eline Scheepers, Raymond Hoogendoorn

The choice of the passenger

People want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, according to research into the desires of the travelling public. The ...

Document (research publication) | 09-06-2016 | Peter Bakker