Key transport figures 2018

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis annually publishes the latest figures for the Dutch transport sector. This year a condensed publication, titled Key Transport Figures 2018, supplements and briefly explains the most important series of figures contained in the Mobility Report 2017. Key Transport Figures 2018 also includes Outlook 2018-2023. Henceforward, the Mobility Report and Key Transport Figures publications will be published in alternate years.

Key Transport Figures 2018

Key Transport Figures 2018 reveals that last year the use of cars, bicycles and public transport (OV) in the Netherlands developed in line with the long-term trends of 2005. Historically high levels were reached in terms of passenger volumes at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the total volume of freight transport, the transhipment of containers at the Port of Rotterdam, and air freight. CO2 emissions from road traffic slightly increased during the past year.

The Mobility Report 2017 remains the primary source for greater comprehension of and explanations for the transport figures. An appendix to Key Transport Figures 2018 describes the methods and data series used.

Outlook 2018-2023

KiM foresees the following developments in the medium-term:

  • Hours of delay sharply increase in the coming years as road traffic’s steady growth continues;
  • Increasing numbers of train passenger kilometres;
  • Continuing growth of air traffic;
  •  Freight transport growth continues despite rising uncertainties.

Annual figures, including Mobility Report in alternate years

Henceforward, the Mobility Report will be published every other year, with the next edition scheduled for 2019. Key Transport Figures, a condensed edition published in the intervening years, will provide an overview and brief explanation of the Mobility Report’s most important figures. Key Transport Figures will also include an updated 'Outlook' section, offering the latest insights into the developments expected to transpire in the medium-term.