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  1. New values of time and reliability in passenger transport in The Netherlands

    We have established new values of time (VOTs) and values of travel time reliability (VORs) for use in costbenefit analysis (CBA) ...

    Paper | 24-11-2016

  2. The value of comfort in train appraisal

    In this paper we present a new and practical application to appraise a rise or fall in the level of comfort offered to train ...

    Paper | 05-10-2016

  3. Innovation in public transportation (English summary)

    Innovations in public transportation often pertain to minor improvements in quality and seldom to large-scale leaps for the ...

    Document (research publication) | 14-09-2016 | Fons Savelberg, Saeda Moorman, Harry Derriks

  4. Do attitudes cause travel behavior or vica versa?

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Maarten Kroesen (Delft University of Technology) , Susan Handy (University of California ...

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  5. Second MPN-symposium September 12th 2016

    Presented at the MPN symposium by Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser and Eline Scheepers, September 12, 2016.

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  6. Life events as a window of opportunity

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Jaco Berveling

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  7. How Cyclists become Cyclists Dynamics and the Potential of Bicycle use in Germany

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Bastian Chlond and Christine Weiss

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  8. Attitudes and travel behaviour: changing mode preferences to change behaviour

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Marie-José Olde Kalter (Goudappel Coffeng, University of Twente)

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  9. Understanding eshopping:analysis of ICT relation with shopping and shopping mobility behaviour

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Olga Huijbregtse (KiM) and Pablo Nicolás Marmisa (TU Delft)

    Presentation | 12-09-2016

  10. MEILI a small step towards automation of activity travel diary collection in Stockholm

    Presented at the MPN symposium 2016 by Yusak O. Susilo, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Presentation | 12-09-2016