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  1. State-of-the-art of longitudinal travel surveys: a comparison of the MOP and MPN

    Longitudinal travel surveys are needed to measure and study changes in individual travel behaviour. Due to the complexity of ...

    Publication | 26-03-2024 | Mathijs de Haas

  2. Identifying poor response behaviour in (longitudinal) travel behaviour research

    In travel behaviour research, longitudinal panels, such as the Netherlands Mobility Panel (MPN), have been set up to investigate ...

    Publication | 15-02-2024

  3. Has COVID led to a structural change in travel behaviour?

    In 2020, measures were taken for the first time in the Netherlands to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The fear of infection ...

    Brochure | 03-10-2022 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma, Roel Faber

  4. Online shopping and COVID-19: the effects on mobility and transport

    In the coming years, Dutch consumers will order goods, groceries and meals online significantly more often than before 2020. This ...

    Brochure | 06-04-2022 | Marlinde Knoope, Johan Visser

  5. The widespread car ownership in the Netherlands

    Outside the larger cities in the Netherlands, the number of car-dependent people is growing, as the travel distance to ...

    Brochure | 22-02-2022 | Toon Zijlstra, Stefan Bakker, Jan-Jelle Witte

  6. Presentation: The impact of COVID 19 on mobility in the Netherlands

    KiM presentation 'The impact of COVID 19 on mobility in the Netherlands' held at the ITF Pre-Summit Research Day 2021.  

    Presentation | 20-05-2021 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma, Roel Faber

  7. E-bike user groups and substitution effects: evidence from longitudinal travel data in the Netherlands

    In recent years, the e-bike has become increasingly popular in many European countries. With higher speeds and less effort ...

    Paper | 12-05-2021

  8. The relationship between health and active travel

    The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis studied how cycling and walking influence health and vice versa. The ...

    Document (research publication) | 30-03-2021 | Mathijs de Haas

  9. Looking back at the 4th MPN Symposium

    On Thursday September 24th, we organized the 4th edition of the MPN symposium, this time online. We look back on an interesting ...

    Presentation | 28-09-2020

  10. New insights into mobility and the coronavirus crisis

    Summary of the study 'New insights into mobility and the coronavirus crisis' by the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy ...

    Publication | 05-08-2020 | Mathijs de Haas, Marije Hamersma, Roel Faber