The Netherlands Mobility Panel

The Netherlands Mobility Panel (MPN) studies trends in the travel behaviour of a fixed group of individuals and households over a long period. This research is carried out by a team of researchers from KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management).

New insights in our daily mobility

The Netherlands Mobility Panel investigates how Dutch people travel, and how this changes over the years. Recently, this has produced new insights.
Take Ahmed and Anna. They’ve just moved to a larger house, with a garden. That’s nice for their toddler, but now they both have to go to work by car.
Because of this, they’re now regularly stuck in traffic jams.
- 1 in 7 Dutch people is stuck in traffic at least once a week.
Although Ahmed doesn’t mind...
- 43% of them accept this...
- that as much as Anna…
- while 36% are irritated by it.
Marcel isn’t affected by traffic
congestion anymore. He travels to work on his electric bicycle.
- E-bikes are increasingly replacing cars in commuter traffic.
He’s definitely not the youngest person you see riding an e-bike more and more these days.
- E-bikes are also increasingly replacing normal bicycles.
But Marcel, come on! You get your daily exercise just by travelling to work!
- 80% of cyclists get more than 150 minutes’ physical activity a week simply by going from one place to another.
Unlike Ahmed and Anna!
Only 7% of car drivers get this much exercise.
But mobility research doesn't stop here. How does the weather affect mobility? How do Dutch people go on holiday? And what has been the impact of the coronavirus crisis? The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis is researching this with the Netherlands Mobility Panel.