Results of the MPN

Data have been collected annually from the Netherlands Mobility Panel since 2013. Many studies using these data have already been completed. A short animation has been made that highlight some of the results obtained from these studies in recent years.

The Netherlands Mobility Panel : the first results

The Netherlands Mobility Panel examines how societal developments affect transport in the Netherlands. The first results are in!
In the fields of social contacts, shopping and car use in households we see several trends.

Consider Sophie for example. She often babysits at Sandra and Robbert’s...
In the evening she chats with Jessie, whom she met through Facebook.
To visit Jessie, Sophie has to make quite a trip!
The girls no longer look for a love in a bar, but on websites.
The young lovebirds are just as happy sitting at home instead of going to the cinema.
Even grandma and grandpa are keeping up with the times. They search online for the best bargain ... but buying?
Not without taking a look in real life first!
Something Robbert doesn’t understand.

If he shops online, he compares, selects ... then buys.
If Robbert wants to go play tennis, he first has to check with Sandra.
She’s running late at work and since she has the car ...
Robbert has to find another solution.
The neighbours .... solved this differently.

How do all these people find their way ... without traffic jams?
And how do people value different transport modes?
These and other questions will be answered by the Netherlands Mobility Panel in 2016.

Articles and presentations

Various presentations have been given and articles written by KiM and other researchers about the MPN and studies using MPN data. An overview of available publications can be found on the Publications page. You do not need permission to quote from these publications, as long as you mention the source.

Fact sheet

In addition to the animations, a fact sheet on a study using MPN data has been published. You can download this fact sheet below.