Use of the MPN

The MPN is used not just for studies by KiM, but can also be used by parties outside KiM. MPN data are available to third parties for academic, policy and socially relevant (non-commercial) research. This page gives you information on how to obtain access to existing MPN data for use in your research.

How can I obtain access to the data?

The MPN data can be accessed only if you have the required login information. Login details can be obtained by filling in and signing the declaration and sending it to KiM. The declaration can be send by e-mail to:

Or by postal mail to the following address:
KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis
Attn. Secretariat
P.O. Box 20901
2500 EX The Hague

What are the terms and conditions of use?

After receipt of the signed declaration, KiM will send you your login information within 5 working days. These login details are valid for 5 years (2 years for students). KiM will keep users informed of any new developments and changes. By signing the declaration you agree to the terms and conditions on the use of the data. These terms and conditions are contained in the declaration and include the following provisions:

  • Use of the data: The data may only be used by you personally or by people in your immediate work environment. Use is limited to scientific, policy or socially relevant (i.e. non-commercial) research.
  • Confidentiality: Data may not be made available to third parties. All information obtained from the data relating to individual persons or households must be treated confidentially and may never be released to third parties.
  • Publications based on the dataset: Users agree to send a copy of each publication in which use is made of MPN data to KiM ( When publishing research results users must always include a bibliographic reference in accordance with the format included in the terms and conditions. In addition, publications must also include the following reference:

Hoogendoorn-Lanser, S., N. Schaap & M.-J. Olde Kalter (2015). The Netherlands Mobility Panel: An innovative design approach for web-based longitudinal travel data collection. 10th International Conference on Transport Survey Methods, Transportation Research Procedia 11 (2015) pp 311-329.

  • Acknowledgement: Publications in which use is made of MPN data must include the following acknowledgement:

This publication makes use of data from the Netherlands Mobility Panel, which is administered by KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis.

Obtaining additional data

It is also possible to collect additional data via the MPN system by cooperating with KiM on bespoke and supplementary studies. Bespoke studies are additional surveys of respondents already participating in the MPN panel. Supplementary studies are surveys of respondents who are not yet part of the MPN panel, in which they keep the travel diary and fill in the individual questionnaire and the household questionnaire. A background document is available which explains all the possibilities for using the MPN. This document is available here. If you have any questions about use of the MPN, please send a mail to