International airport capacity benchmark (English summary)

This study compares 24 European airports according to their current and future capacities as hubs and business locations, while providing insights into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's possible developmental capabilities, as compared to competing airports. Airports that retain large capacities for growth enjoy stronger competitive positions than airports that have little or no growth capacity.   

This report is available in Dutch

Schiphol is a well-developed hub. Measured in terms of aircraft movements in 2007, Schiphol ranked as Europe's 5th largest airport. However, given the current system in place for measuring aircraft noise levels, Schiphol's capacity for growth is comparatively limited. Schiphol ranked 22nd among airports with the most residual capacity. If the recommendations of the Alders Commission for medium-term development are implemented, Schiphol would have the capacity to expand to 510,000 aircraft movements by 2020, which would then rank Schiphol 8th in terms of the number of available slots, and 18th in terms of residual capacity.
London Heathrow and Frankfurt also have relatively limited residual capacities, but each of these airports plan to build an additional runway (in Frankfurt, construction is already underway). Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris currently has no plans to expand its runway capacity; nevertheless, this airport - despite the expansion of Heathrow and Frankfurt - remains Europe's largest, with 705,000 aircraft movements per year.