Guidelines for clients of business cases (English summary)

The private financing and private operation of transport infrastructure projects are increasingly being considered. To this end, a business case provides insight into the costs and benefits for the (private) operator of a project. However, at present, there is a decided lack of clarity regarding the components that should be included in a business case, as well as when a business case should be conducted for Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (VenW) infrastructure projects.

These guidelines for policymakers offer insights into:

  • Which questions should be posed when initiating and assessing a business case by VenW;
  • When should a business case be conducted for infrastructure projects in which VenW is involved;
  • What assistance do the outcomes of business cases offer policymakers.
  • ┬áThe KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) prepared this report for the VenW Directorate Finance, Management and Control.