Infrastructure and strengthening economic structures (English summary)

All aspects that play a role in strengthening the economic structures of a country or a region are included in the Social Cost-Benefit Analysis method (SCBA). In addition to financial and economic aspects, nature, the environment, spatial development and various social aspects also play contributing roles in the overall objective of strengthening the economic structure. SCBAs are also concerned with this wider social welfare concept.

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The SCBA method is therefore highly appropriate. Some effects in the SCBA however are ‘hidden’ (for example the accessibility of a specific region) or the effects do not lead to a net-effect (for example the redistribution of activities between regions). Particularly for projects that have a more strategic objective, it can be desirable to make these effects explicit for policymakers, but without this subsequently leading to an alternate SCBA outcome. KiM concludes this in response to the question of whether an SCBA is sufficient for analysing the contributions to strengthening the economic structure in evaluations of infrastructure projects. In addition, the report analyses literature relating to the strengthening the economic structures, identifies the objectives of spatial planning, economic and mobility policy, examines the argumentation used in decisions about large projects, and explores the manner in which evaluations are conducted in other countries.