The value of comfort in train appraisal

In this paper we present a new and practical application to appraise a rise or fall in the level of comfort offered to train travellers. Moreover, we describe how the benefits of an improved level of service can be included in a cost-benefit analysis (CBA). This new application measures the value of comfort indirectly through changes in the value of travel time savings (VTTS) that appear due to a difference in the level of comfort. It takes into account all the societal benefits that can be derived from increased productivity during the trip or from the personal satisfaction of the traveller, or from a mixture of both. In the paper, the method is applied to rail. However, the methodology is general applicable for all passenger transport modes.

Warffemius, P., M. van Hagen, M. de Bruyn, P. Bakker, J. van der Waard, 2016, “The value of comfort in train appraisal”, Paper for the European Transport Conference (ETC), held in Barcelona from 5-7 October 2016, paper on ETC website.