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Inland waterways and container logistics (English summary)

Inland waterway container ships frequently face congestion and delays at the Port of Rotterdam's container terminals. One ...

Document (research publication) | 11-07-2009 | Joost Kolkman

Economic instruments in regional road-pricing. Investigating opportunities for supplementing the national road-pricing policy for transport (English summary)

The KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis investigated the opportunities available to local authorities for ...

Document (research publication) | 08-07-2009 | Han van der Loop, Carl Koopmans, Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar

Mobility report 2009 (English summary)

Mobility in the Netherlands continues to increase, although less sharply than in the 1980s and 1990s. From 2000 to 2008, the ...

Document (research publication) | 03-07-2009

Internalisation of external costs and the effects on prosperity (English summary)

In this study, the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis assesses the effects of passing on to traffic and ...

Document (research publication) | 29-06-2009 | Mark Lijesen, Jaap Anne Korteweg, Harry Derriks

2009 Work Programme (English)

Work Programme | 27-06-2009

The mobility indicator, a study : report (Dutch)

Document (research publication) | 20-06-2009 | Han van der Loop

Costs and benefits of the Amsterdam Noord-Zuid underground railway line (Dutch)

KiM, at the request of the Veerman Commission, drafted a report about the costs and benefits of the Noord-Zuid underground ...

Document (research publication) | 10-06-2009 | Peter Bakker, Carl Koopmans, Sytze Rienstra

Image and public transport (English summary)

People act according to their perceptions. This also applies to public transport. And while people's views of public transport ...

Document (research publication) | 03-06-2009 | Jaco Berveling, Peter Bakker, Lucas Harms, Ellen van der Werff

International airport capacity benchmark (English summary)

This study compares 24 European airports according to their current and future capacities as hubs and business locations, while ...

Document (research publication) | 27-04-2009 | Joost Kolkman, Jaap Anne Korteweg

Second opinion infrastructure costs of road freight transport (Dutch)

Memorandum | 30-03-2009 | Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar