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International airport capacity benchmark (English summary)

This study compares 24 European airports according to their current and future capacities as hubs and business locations, while ...

Document (research publication) | 27-04-2009 | Joost Kolkman, Jaap Anne Korteweg

Second opinion infrastructure costs of road freight transport (Dutch)

Memorandum | 30-03-2009 | Pauline Wortelboer-van Donselaar

Explanation for accessibility via the main highway network 2000-2007 (English summary)

In this study by KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis empirical research is used to explain increases in ...

Document (research publication) | 27-03-2009 | Han van der Loop

Good fuel economy on the roads. Policy for improving efficiency in the road freight transport sector (English summary)

Freight transport by road has increased sharply in recent decades, and this upward trend is expected to continue in future. ...

Document (research publication) | 27-03-2009 | Jan Francke, Jan Anne Annema, Pieter Wouters

Market separation. Regional developments in passenger and freight transport (English summary)

This study by KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) focuses on regional differences in traffic flows and ...

Document (research publication) | 27-03-2009 | Fons Savelberg

Slow motion : economic crisis and mobility (Dutch)

The current economic crisis has influenced traffic and transport in the Netherlands. This report details the changes that have ...

Document (research publication) | 26-03-2009 | Peter Jorritsma, Jan Francke, Hugo Gordijn, Wim Groot, Carl Koopmans

The importance of public transport. An inventory of impacts on society (English summary)

What are the social costs and benefits of public transport? Are these costs and benefits fully incorporated in the standard ...

Document (research publication) | 02-03-2009 | Peter Bakker, Peter Zwaneveld (CPB)

Mobility report 2008 : congestion in perspective (English summary)

Document (research publication) | 23-06-2008

2008 Work Programme (English)

Work Programme | 12-06-2008

Dutch Mobility Policy Document in a European Context (English)

Document (research publication) | 27-10-2007 | Jaap Anne Korteweg