KiM programme 2023

The KiM programme presents an overview of our projects for 2023. The Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) provides knowledge inputs that aid the preparation of mobility policy at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW). The research programme has been created in consultation with a number of policy directorates at IenW. KiM conducts research projects and preliminary studies, and provides knowledge-at-the-table and signalling services. KiM is flexible in dealing with new inquiries and emerging problems, and modifies its prioritisation over the course of the year.

Please read this KiM programme to get to know KiM and our research plans. It elaborately answers these questions: 

  • What is KiM and how does it operate? KiM interprets and explains developments, draws up exploratory studies and scenarios, and analyses the effects of policy instruments and the role of government.
  • What themes does KiM work on? The projects collected in the KiM programme connect to nine themes.
  • What projects will KiM be conducting? Projects are discussed according to the IenW directorate that commissioned them. After that, several KiM's basic projects are presented.